1st NFT Public Sale

3 min readMar 8, 2022


Welcome to Zoker’s first NFT Player Sale!

Zoker’s 1st NFT Public Sale

We are very pleased to announce that we are opening an opportunity for our community to join our first NFT Sale.

By joining you’ll be running for one of the 500 whitelist spots available for our upcoming Player NFT Sale.

👉 Each user will be able to purchase 1 individual Player NFT.

👉 Each Player NFT will have a special price of 2.68 SOL and will have improved base stats and a permanent energy bonus, which will give our early adopters a head start when the game is launched.

There are 6 ways to improve your chances of joining the Whitelist:

1- Follow us on Twitter
2- Tweet other people to join
3- Join our Discord Server
4- Enter your Solana Wallet Address
5- Refer a friend
6- Completion Bonus

To enter follow this link:


Zoker Original NFT Collection

Here are some more details about the collection:

👉Name: Zoker Originals Collection
👉Initial amount: 500 Player NFTs
👉Bonus: Level 5 improved base stats
👉Bonus: Permanent energy bonus

Don’t lose the opportunity to be one of the Originals!

Zoker Originals NFT Collection

Zoker Player Stats

A base Player NFT is generated with Stats metadata, which influences how he can play.

There is a total of 10 Stats that contribute to the player’s overall level.

These base Stats are randomly generated, using fair algorithms in order to have a balanced start for every new player, but also a fairly different one too.

By participating in our 1st NFT Public Sale, you will have the chance to gain a head start on your competition by starting with an already leveled-up player (level 5).

Here is a breakdown of the available Player Stats:

There are 10 Player Stats that contribute to the overall Player Level.

Zoker Player Physical Traits

A Player NFT also has physical attributes that make up his digital identity.

A minted Player NFT is generated with distinct physical traits ranging from 48.5 million possible outcomes.

From props, hairstyles, or tattoos, we’ve got your digital identity covered!

Here are some of the physical traits you can get:

Player NFT — Physical traits.

Don’t miss your chance to enter the Whitelist:





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