Zoker App KYC — FAQ

2 min readMar 21, 2022


Zoker App — KYC Frequently Asked Questions

Our Zoker App KYC process is currently underway, since yesterday March 20th.

During the 1st day, some questions arose regarding the verification process.

To make things easier, we created a FAQ for the most common questions and what you should do to proceed in each case.

You can read it below.

KYC FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am verified?

If you completed the login process and can successfully login into the Zoker App, you have been verified for the Airdrop.

Error: KYC was not able to get all the required information

If you are getting “Error: KYC was not able to get all the required information”, make sure you have an email set up on Twitter.

On Twitter go to More->Settings and Privacy->You account->Account information->Email and set up your email address.

Twitter — Email configuration

Setting up your email is required for completing the KYC.

Error: Email already registered

If you are getting this error, it means your email has already been associated with a Solana Wallet.

If you already associated your email with a different Solana Wallet and need it to change, contact support@zoker.com with the same email you used for the Twitter Login.

The App Update is not available in your country yet

If the App Update is not available yet, there is nothing we can do on our end. You just have to be patient and wait for Apple or Google to finish rolling out the app worldwide.

Using a non-supported Solana Wallet (i.e. Trust Wallet)

If you submitted a Wallet Address that is not supported, contact support@zoker.com on how to proceed.

How long is the KYC process going to be available?

Until March 31st, 2022.




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