Zoker Game Demo — Information

2 min readMay 20, 2022


The Zoker Game Demo is now pending approval on Apple and Google Platforms.

Dear friends in the Zokerverse, as announced, our Zoker Game Demo has now been submitted for review and is pending approval on iOS.

This is an exclusive Early Access Release for 1000 of our lucky users!

Note: If you are not aware, we ran a giveaway from May 5th to May 11th for 1000 seats for the Game Demo.

What can you expect from this release?

The Game Demo is getting released with fully featured gameplay, daily live events, and in-game rewards.

Every user will start with equal footing — the same Player NFT is going to be available for every user.

The following game modes will be available:

  • Tutorial mode — Learn how to play.
  • Arcade mode — Permanent arcade events for practicing and testing concepts.
  • PVP mode — Timed events, with leaderboards & rewards.

How can I earn Rewards?

There is a pool of 1 000 000 $Zoker to be distributed at the end of the Early Access.

During Early Access, every event will have a reward pool of 15 000 in-game coins called ZCoin.

At the end of Early Access, the value of a ZCoin will be proportional to the amount of ZCoin distributed as a reward for events.

For instance:

  • 15 000 ZCoin are distributed: 1 ZCoin = 66.66 $Zoker
  • 100 000 ZCoin are distributed: 1 ZCoin = 10 $Zoker
  • 250 000 ZCoin are distributed : 1 ZCoin = 4 $Zoker

For each event, the 15 000 ZCoin pool is distributed as follows:

  • 1st place — 20% of the pool
  • 2nd place — 10% of the pool
  • 3rd to 5th place — 5% of the pool
  • 6th to 10th — 2.5% of the pool
  • 10th to 100th — 0.1% of the pool
  • 100th to 1000th — Remainder divided evenly

When will I get the Rewards?

The rewards will be airdropped in $Zoker at the end of the Early Access.

What is NOT in the Game Demo?

Some features are not part of the Game Demo, such as:

  • PVE — The Campaign is only going live when v1 is released.
  • NFTs— Using your own NFT will only be available when v1 is released.
  • EQUIPMENT FUSING — Equipment fusing and player NFT leveling up related features will only be available when v1 is released.
  • STORE — The store will only be available when v1 is released.

When is it released?

As soon as it is approved on iOS. The Android version is already approved, but we will only release it simultaneously on both platforms.

Is this the final version of the Zoker Game?

This version is in active development, so please report any issues to our team on our discord channel or email us at support@zoker.com!




Zoker is a Play To Earn and Create To Earn NFT mobile game built on Solana that allows players to experience the Zokerverse.