Zoker Marketplace Launch

3 min readMar 14, 2022


Zoker is launching its official NFT Marketplace.

Fellow friends in the Zokerverse, we are excited to announce that we are launching our Zoker NFT Marketplace on March 15th at 11h00 UTC.

And with it, also our 1st NFT Public Sale.

For now, the Marketplace is going to serve as the official place to buy the Official Zoker Originals Collection, but in the future, it will evolve into a full-fledged serve serving NFT Marketplace where every user can trade/sell/buy their Zoker NFTs.

Zoker Originals Collection

Our 1st collection is of course going to be very important. This is your chance to be part of history and be one of the originals.

As you know, for this 1st sale, participants needed to whitelisted in order to get the chance to participate.

Here is what every whitelisted participant can expect:

  • 500 Exclusive Zoker NFTs (From the Zoker Originals Collection).
  • Limit of 1 NFT per whitelisted user.
  • Each NFT costs 2.68 SOL and will have improved base stats and a permanent energy bonus, which will give our early adopters a head start when the game is launched.
  • 300 lucky winners will have 1h exclusive to pick and buy their NFT.
  • All other whitelisted users will have a chance to get 1 of the remaining NFTs after that 1h period.

Marketplace Overview

The Marketplace is where Zoker Official NFTs are going to be traded. Since Zoker exists on the Solana Blockchain, you will need a Solana Wallet to buy/sell/trade — You will find information on how to do so on the Marketplace itself.

List of live NFTs for sale on the Marketplace.

With your Solana Wallet connected, you will be able to see every Zoker NFT you own, so that in the future you can consider a sale, or simply take a look a Player NFT’s attributes.

Marketplace — My NFTs section shows a list of the NFTs you own, created, or all.

Once you open an active NFT sale, you will have all the information necessary to decide which is the right NFT to buy:

  • Price
  • Number
  • Attributes
  • Physical Traits
  • Sale History
  • Whitelist Status
Marketplace — Buying a Player NFT.

1st NFT Sale — The purchase process

As you know, for this initial sale users had to be whitelisted to participate.

From all the whitelisted users — close to 2000 — we randomly selected 300 for VIP Status.

These VIP users will have the opportunity to select and buy their NFT of choice before everyone else. They will have 1 hour to do so.

Everyone else gets their chance after the 1st hour elapsed.

Where is the Whitelist?

You will find out if you are whitelisted, once you sign in with your wallet address.

There are 4 different possibilities:

  • VIP Whitelist: You have immediate access to purchase (Limited to 1 NFT per user).
  • Whitelist: You have to wait 1 hour to purchase (Limited to 1 NFT per user).
  • Not whitelisted: Won’t be able to make purchases.
  • Already bought 1 NFT: Won’t be able to make any more purchases.
Marketplace — Whitelisted users can purchase 1 Player NFT for this initial sale.

The marketplace is going live on March 15th at 11h00 UTC.

We will see you there!

Marketplace: https://marketplace.zoker.com




Zoker is a Play To Earn and Create To Earn NFT mobile game built on Solana that allows players to experience the Zokerverse.