Zoker Mining App

The Zoker Mining App is released on February 22nd, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the Zoker Mining App — launching ahead of the Zoker Game Beta — will be available on February 22nd at 20h00 UTC.

If you aren’t familiar with Zoker and the planned mining stage, here is an overview:

  • The mining phase of Zoker will take place during the pre-launch, over 6 periods of distribution.
  • 5% of the total funds reserved for the ecosystem are going to be minable during this phase with a total value of 30 000 000 $Zoker.

Each of these 6 periods of distribution has a limited supply, with decreasing rewards with each period.

There are 6 mining periods. Once the supply for one period is depleted, the next period starts.

Participating in the mining stage

How can you participate in the mining stage? Very simple.

All you have to do is download our mobile app — available for Android and iOS — and register with a valid Solana Wallet Address. This address is going to be the recipient of all rewards claimed during the mining stage.

Upon registration, you will be asked for 3 things:

  • Solana Wallet Address — Where you will receive your $Zoker rewards when the Zoker Game Beta is released (Schedule for Q2 2022).
  • Password — A password to secure access to your account. This should be as secure as possible.
  • Referral Code — A referral code can be used to get additional mining rewards.

Important Note: We will never ask you for your Seed Phrase or local wallet password.

Let’s go step by step:

1- Upon entering the app, enter a valid Solana Wallet Address.

1- Start by entering your Solana Wallet Address

2- Enter a strong password to protect your account. The Solana Wallet Address and Password will be used to log in into your account.

2- Enter a strong password to protect your account

3- Enter a Referral Code, if you have one. This will grant you additional mining rewards.

3- (Optional) Use a Referral Code

How can I claim mining rewards?

Mining rewards can be claimed daily. Once you claim a reward, you have to wait 24 hours until the next claim.

Rewards can be claimed daily, by simply pressing the claim button.

How are mining rewards calculated?

There are 6 periods, with different mining supplies and rewards. Once the supply for a given period is depleted, the next period automatically starts.

Rewards get reduced with each period, so it is important to start early!

1st Period

  • Daily: 250 $Zoker + 50 $Zoker if using a Referral Code + 25 $Zoker per referral

2nd Period

  • Daily: 125 $Zoker + 25 $Zoker if using a Referral Code + 12,5 $Zoker per referral

3rd Period

  • Daily: 62,5 $Zoker + 12,5 $Zokerif using a Referral Code + 6,25 $Zoker per referral

4th Period

  • Daily: 37,5 $Zoker + 6,25 $Zoker if using a Referral Code + 3,75 $Zoker per referral

5th Period

  • Daily: 17,5 $Zoker + 3 $Zoker if using a Referral Code + 1,75 $Zoker per referral

6th Period:

  • Daily: 5 $Zoker + 1 $Zoker if using a Referral Code + 0,5 $Zoker per referral

How can I use my Referral Code and how does it work?

Your referral code is generated for your once you register with your Solana Wallet Address. You can see anytime inside the Zoker Mining App.

Getting your friends to use your Referral Code will grant a lot more daily rewards, so don’t be shy in inviting people to use it!

How can I install the Zoker Mining App?

Access our Linktr and choose either Android or iOS: Link

Android: An .apk file is available for you to download and install.

iOS: You need to join our Testflight Beta to install.

Happy mining!



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