Zoker Mining App— Statistics

3 min readMar 16, 2022


Zoker Mining — Statistics

Dear members of the Zokerverse, as you know our total Mining Supply of 30 million $Zoker has been depleted.

This was done in just 19 days!


Now that the initial Mining Stage has wrapped up, we started our due diligence with an internal audit of every mining done by each of our members.

In the spirit of transparency and also to keep you all in the loop, here are some statistics about the Mining Stage.

Prior Information

If you aren’t familiar with Zoker and the Mining Stage, here is an overview:

  • The mining phase of Zoker already took place, with 6 periods of distribution.
  • 5% of the total funds reserved for the ecosystem was minable during this phase with a total value of 30 000 000 $Zoker.
Figure 1 — Mining Periods

Daily $Zoker Mining

Figure 2— Daily $Zoker Mining

As previously stated, the total Mining Supply was depleted in just 19 days, starting on February 21st and ending on March 11th.

We had a slow 1st day (4 hours only actually) with only 750 $Zoker mined, but as our members started sharing and using the referral system we quickly surpassed the 10 Million mark by the 4th day.

Those are huge numbers!

Here is the breakdown of the Mining Periods:

  • Period #1 — Supply 4 500 000 $Zoker — Started on February 21st and was depleted on February 23rd
  • Period #2 — Supply 4 500 000 $Zoker — Started on February 23rd and was depleted on February 24th
  • Period #3 — Supply 4 500 000 $Zoker — Started on February 24th and was depleted on the same day
  • Period #4 — Supply 4 500 000 $Zoker — Started on February 24th and was depleted on February 25th
  • Period #5 — Supply 6 000 000 $Zoker — Started on February 25th and was depleted on February 27th
  • Period #6— Supply 6 000 000 $Zoker — Started on February 27th and was depleted on March 11th

This breakdown is on par with what the team expected, with a faster reward distribution in the initial periods of higher rewards and a slower one as the rewards were diminished.

This is especially noticeable in period #6, where the base rewards went from 250 $Zoker to 5 $Zoker.

Referral Codes

Regarding referral codes, we generated a huge amount of them — in direct relation to the number of users registered — with some of them becoming really popular.

Referring new people was the best way to increase rewards and a lot of our users really made an effort to get a large number of referrals.

Figure 3 shows a treemap of the Referral Codes generated — it doesn’t include the least popular ones, as the map would not be readable since they are so many!

Important note from our data analysts: Some of these referral codes were flagged as possible bots, which will be confirmed during the KYC process.

Figure 3— Most popular referral codes.

What’s next?

With the Mining Phase and internal audit complete, all that remains is a KYC process to make sure that each of our users and referrals are real people and not bots.

Our team is working really hard on an app update to integrate the KYC process, and we will have news regarding it in the coming days.

What we can tell you right now is that you will have to use the Zoker Mobile App on your mobile device.

Once the KYC is dealt with, we will mint the $Zoker token and start airdropping the mining rewards to all our members!




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