Mining App — 1st Day Report

We are wrapping up the 1st day of our Mining App and here is the report:

15.000 Users registered

5.500.000 $Zoker rewards claimed

This means we have officially entered phase 2 of mining! (See the previous article for details).

Join while you can and invite your friends to earn as much as possible!

Multiple-account users?

It has come to our attention that some users may be creating multiple accounts to increase their earnings.

Rest assured, to get the airdrop a user must validate his account by proving he is human, and only 1 account is allowed per person.

This way no rewards will be taken away from legit account holders.

How can I install the Zoker Mining App?

Access our Linktr and choose either Android or iOS: Link

Android: An .apk file is available for you to download and install.

iOS: You need to join our Testflight Beta to install.

Happy mining!



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Zoker is a Play To Earn and Create To Earn NFT mobile game built on Solana that allows players to experience the Zokerverse.